10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Despite having spent years of my life publicly posting and writing online, there’ll be a few random things only the closest to me will know. So in the spirit of sharing, here’s 10 things you don’t know about me.

I attach Spiritual/Philosophical significance to jewellery and possessions.

Everything I wear, from my pendants down to a ring I wear on my left pointer finger, acts as a totum in my life. They are representatives of values I want to emulate throughout my life—little reminders of who I want to be.

I have no tattoos.

Much in the same way, I attach significant value to permanent marks on the skin. A tattoo in my view is a mark of who I am, which is why I don’t have any yet. I feel as though a tattoo will represent a mark of achievement, or a state of being that I just haven’t reached yet. I don’t feel as if I’ve earned any of enough significance to permanently mark my body… yet. I don’t believe everybody should share this mindset about tattoos, and I also really love the tattoos I see others get, but for me, it’s a no. I have to EARN them somehow.

I’m a nightmare to Live With

My brain works in some weird and wonderful ways. What can I say? I’m an ideas guy. Every issue or topic that crosses my mind becomes a single string in an interconnected web of universal information that I get wrapped up in trying to untangle. Or step back far enough to see the full picture and follow the individual strands to its original root.

Whatever I’m doing, it typically translates to my mind being elsewhere, sometimes being disconnected from those around me, or forgetting to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. I get so bogged down behind darkened realisations or philosophical musings that I forget the core philosophy of life… which I have determined is simply… living.

I can be moody, vacant, stressed out, depressed, or uninterested at times, and then once I realise and come back around, I’ll be bursting with ecstasy and playing around like a madman. This can be hard to keep up with and very frustrating for those around me.

I love a good time

As an extension to the last point, I’m always up for a good time, to a fault! I may have spent the last three days wallowing and then go meet my friends at the first mention of anything going on, which is confusing, and sometimes infuriating, to those close to me. The simple explanation is that I’m a sucker for a good time. I love being surrounded by friends, having a drink, listening to music, and escaping my mind for a while. It’s how I get my experience of life rather than living in my mental perceptions of it. It’s my enjoyment, my break. I get to toss around ideas with loved ones and have great chats about anything and everything, lapping up the experiences, perceptions, and opinions of everyone around me.

I Fu**ing LOVE Mexican food.

Just shut the hell up and get me an enchilada! Or a taco. Or a fajita. Or a gigantic portion of nachos. But get all the way out of here with that green ‘guac’ shit… I’m here for the good stuff!

I Can Rant For Hours About How Pissed Off I Am With The DC Comics Movies

I mean seriously, it’s a joke. I’m a mega fan of DC comics. Batman is THE man, and the rest of the justice league are unbelievably powerful and inspiring. I love their designs, their storylines, their origin arcs, everything. If I get into it too much here, I’ll write a dissertation, but just trust me when I tell you I could not be more disappointed in Warner Brother’s recent attempts at creating a cinematic universe. That said, I do have a little hope invested in the Snyder cut, and perhaps the Flashpoint movie can put some things right.

I’m not a fan of chocolate

Give me crisps and sweets and I’ll eat til I’m feeling physically sick, but chocolate doesn’t have much appeal to me. I find I can’t eat much before my stomach feels overwhelmed and it’s not all that worth it. Those mini chocolate-covered pretzel things are about the correct ratio for me, but even then… just no. If I’m gonna be nursing a sugar rush, it’ll be from knocking back 3 packs of Haribo and two litres of coke.

I Have No Further Education

When it comes to formal education, it’s safe to say we were always incompatible. Not only was it a struggle to keep me at secondary, getting me back to college was a short-lived but necessary nail in the coffin for me and further education.

I always loved studying the topics I was interested in at home, and have spent countless hours researching and writing articles about those topics. In terms of official qualifications, that’s just not me. I have a tendency to prioritise everything other than coursework, and as soon as an authority based task is put on me, I freeze up and mess about. I’m a strictly self-driven, self-motivated style of learner.

I’m A Terrible Eater

When I say terrible, I mean about as bad as you could possibly imagine. Despite presenting myself an advocate for healthy eating and exercise, I’m undeniably slack about my own habits, often snacking on crap and ordering in various forms of junk food at unspeakable hours.

I just don’t prioritise food, and by the time I realise I’m hungry, I’m already starving. At that point a pizza becomes more of an option than standing at stove cooking up a storm.

I Enjoy Cooking

All that aside I actually love to cook. I experiment with flavours and enjoy meals that don’t come out of jars. Homemade curry and pasta sauces for lasagne, salsa mixes and fajita spices. You name it, I’ve cooked it. Given the right mood and enough notice, you’ll catch me navigating the kitchen like a Navy captain and his ship, with authority and experience.

So there you go, a little extra bit of me. If you didn’t know me before, maybe you do a little better now. I’d like to close off with a declaration of all my most ambitious intentions, but by now we’ve established I’m best ‘doing’ rather than announcing, to save letting myself or anyone else down.

That’s all for today! Thanks for bearing with me while I organise my life into something that resembles structure!

Until next time.

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