S.O.S- This Is A Public Service Announcement

Apologies for the recent disruptions in your weekly dose of flash fiction and book reviews, I’m currently drowning beneath a sea of over-energetic children and chasing myself round the kitchen fetching a thousand different snacks and drinks at a rate of around 15 per minute.

Rest assured we’ll be resuming our planned content schedule as soon as possible. In the event that the remainder of the day results in stress, tiredness, or potentially even death, you can expect to hear from me tomorrow.

In the unlikely event that everything runs smoothly, you’ll settle into a nice little flash fiction tonight. I repeat: UNLIKELY.

In the meantime, I’ve been building an ‘Indie Writer Success’ series over on Hubpages that covers everything from blogging and audience building to earning some money and getting your books published!

1: Become A Successful Indie Author With These Fundamental Audience Building Tips

Being a successful indie writer means making sales, which requires an audience. Learn the basics of author brand building, audience building, and creating a network of readers hungry for your next novel!

2: Blogging For Authors: Everything You Need To Know

It is SO IMPORTANT for authors to have blogs! It’s how we build an audience. But what content do we create for our blogs, and how do we turn our readers into fans that will buy our book? Start upping your blogging game by implementing these top tips.

I hope you enjoy these articles and that they offer you a little help in your writing journey! If you enjoyed them, I’d appreciate if you shared them with anyone who could benefit from them 🙂 there’s around 8 more to come, covering Instagram, Facebook, Wattpad, content strategy, and more!

Anyway, one’s dangling around my neck right now, so I better get off to grab yet another ‘juicey!’

If anyone can hear me… send help. Please!

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