Huge Update On It’s Way

So you know how I disappear from time to time and then come back with like a million-and-one new ideas? Well this ins’t one of those times. I mean it kinda is… But it’s different, I promise!

After tons of deliberation and chewing over the fat, I’ve made the ACTUAL decision to stay home from work for 100 days in an attempt to turn this passion into a day job. And what does that look like, exactly? A whole load of content and activity spread across the online world. Produce, produce, produce, is more or less how my life will go for the foreseeable.

‘So what’s with the 100 days?’ I hear you ask. Well it’s simple, this next 100 days will provide enough data and experience to make an adequate prediction on the future of this lifestyle, and ultimately decide whether it is sustainable or not. If I’ve worked my socks off between now and the 20th August and the outcome looks bleak, I’ll have to reassess my strategy and come up with something new. If, however, I’m managing to make ends meet, I’ll be able to carry on in the same fashion and continue bringing all kinds of content to the online world.

What kind of Content Are We Talking Here?

  • Daily flash fictions, obviously. That’s a given.
  • Book reviews of the few that carry me cover to cover.
  • Philosophical musings.
  • Bookstagram.
  • An exciting new webseries.
  • Hubpages articles based on parenthood, writing, budgeting, family, and lifestyle.
  • A constantly updating feed while working in the background.
  • Short Stories.
  • Novels. Yep, I said it. It’s time to invest more than 5000 words in something.

So of course some of that content will be posted right here, but some will not. After 8 years I’ve decided to get myself back on Hubpages. My big goal is 100 articles in 100 days, and I think that’ll provide adequate data on whether this lifestlye is sustainable or not. Rest assured, this main site here is the central-hub of all my online activity. It’s my superhero hideout, my evil lair.

Here on the site I’ll share updates and categorised links to any and all work published on Hubpages for your viewing pleasure. It’s a way to allow me to explore my lifestyle writing without clogging this site up with anything not specifically associated with fiction.

Here on the site I’ll be continuing on much in the same way, but at a higher level of activity.

Anyway, I do apologise for the rushed nature of this post. I just wanted to touch bases and keep you all informed. There’ll be a full rundown of all this coming over the next couple of days, which will discuss the full ‘challenge’ in depth, and share a few thoughts behind the structure of the idea. For now, I’ll leave you with the fact that you can expect a whole lot more from me going forward, starting tomorrow!

Hope you’re all keeping well and safe during these uncertain times!

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