Facebook Page Prize Draw!

It seems silly when I think about it, but I really don’t spend much time promoting my Facebook page anywhere other than Facebook. And that’s because Facebook seems to be this huge void where everyone competes for attention, and your posts go nowhere.

But let’s rewind and think about this for a second, because effectively I’m trying to sell you all the reasons you should take the three seconds to head on over there and drop a like… and maybe set to see first, but that’s up to you 😉

Prize Draw

The first reason, (the one you probably clicked on this post for,) is the prize draw, and it’s simple. When I hit 1000 likes on my page, I’ll randomly select winners for one of many prizes, Including a £25 amazon voucher, ten £10 book vouchers, free copies of my seasonal flash fiction E’zine, free patreon memberships, and more! So get over there and be in the running!

The Content!

Secondly, and ultimately the most important and exciting for me, is the content that I post over there. Pretty much daily I write posts on all sorts of topics, from writing to philosophy, history to books, and a million other things. I share myself, my interests, my passions, my lifestyle, everything with you over there. It’s why I want more likes and follows, to help reach more people.

It’s super important to me to help as many people in my lifetime as possible, in any way I can. I post mini blog posts exclusive for Facebook that help with motivation, mindset, reality-checks, and advice on everything I know about. Life’s no fun if you don’t share, and I have a few things I’d love to share with you. Below is a screenshot of the first half of one of my ‘mini posts’ as an example of what to expect!

What more can I say? All of my social media channels are unique in their own way, and right now, as it will always be, my only focus is on bringing entertainment and value to others!

If that means high quality images on Instagram, prize draws and extra writing on Facebook, and miniature word crafts on Twitter, I’m all for it!

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