Father’s Rage & Other Stuff

A while back, photography blogger, Fragglerocking, tasked me with writing a piece of flash fiction based on one of her snaps. The resulting short read ended up pretty sad, and wildly different from my typical POV and style.

I’m used to writing from the center of the action, right there in the thick of it, but with this piece I explored the mindset of a scared child locked in his room with his sister, while his drunk father berated and terrorised their mother. I tried to explore the duplicity of his fear and courage, the two pairing in a young, innocent, and ultimately heroic child.

Now a year or so on, I’d have changed a few things about the piece, but nothing that I could simply edit in. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with the story, but my voice has developed and evolved over that time. I suppose that is the ultimate curse of us creatives, constantly improving, never looking back. One creation teaches one thing, and by the time we move to the next thing we learn something new again. That effect stacks over weeks, months, and years, to the point that we can see all that we could’ve done with our previous works.

Still, you can take a look here and let me know what you thought in the comments 🙂 Maybe I’ll take another stab at it sometime in the future.

In Other News

Switching off WordAds

Much more has changed, again… So let’s start with the small stuff. I’ve 100% decided to switch off ads here on the site. The return in exchange for the disruption to the site is not worth it. I’d much sooner enjoy the look and feel of my site than earn a few pennies here and there, and hope that any readers that enjoy my work here will either support me through my various patreon subscriptions, or occasionally purchase one of the books I read and review. It’s more of an exchange in this way, and more personal. I don’t want to interrupt my user experience with irrelevant ads chosen by the algorithm.

Diving In The Deep End

I’ve made the decision to step away from my business for a little while and work on myself. I have so many issues, chronic fatigue being the least of them. Mechanical tear in my back, blown out knees, locked up hips, knots and imbalances in my shoulders, debilitating tightness in my calves. I’m going to dive right off the edge of my comfort zone, and finally tackle these issues head on. I have various plans in motion, including yoga, abstaining from caffeine & stimulants, strengthening the muscle groups through a blend of functional lifts and bodyweight movements, and more.

Alongside that, I want to push my writing world forward, which means right now my only means of income is hedged in hopes for my success or failure with all this. Though, and most importantly, complete transparency: while I am affiliated with Amazon, I’ll only ever link to books I’ve read, services I’ve used, or products I have firsthand experience with. I refuse to lower my integrity and tarnish the trust built between blogger and reader, again, in exchange for a few pennies here and there. It’s just not me.

Here on the blog I’ll be posting regular fiction, book reviews, philosophical musings, and updates regarding my progress. Over at my Patreon I’ll be sharing extra flash fictions, chapter by chapter release (and eventual free copy) of any active novels, on top of a few other member benefits. I’ll also be creating a quarterly PDF mag fully packed with fiction and other cool stuff.

At the end of the day, if I don’t work on these issues now, and they continue to stack, I honestly have no idea how I’ll be in a year, or two years, or three. Family is extremely important to me, and I want to be able to enjoy every last minute with them as a healthy, active man. Right now I’m dragging my heels with drooping eyelids and a constant headache, groaning through various movements to keep a smile on my face.

Well, that’s out the way. I honestly hate anything that sounds even remotely like complaining, so opening up about all this is a task in itself. That said, here’s to the next few months. Hopefully some targeted focus will alleviate these issues somewhat, and who knows, maybe I’ll even start earning through writing again.

5 thoughts on “Father’s Rage & Other Stuff

  1. I was only thinking about your first point this morning! About how frustrating it can be when you publish something and then realise how much improving it could have some time after. That’s what I like about blogging though, you can keep updating things to fit with your current style (my plan for the next couple o’ months!)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m having an off day for sure. Feel very creatively flat. But, I have a lot going on so it’s cool. I’ll be back to normal after a good night sleep!


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