Argh, Chute! A Flash Fiction

I stumbled upon an awesome site today by the name of Carrot Ranch. They post all sorts of challenges and prompts for teeny-tiny pieces of fiction, with a 99 word limit. This week’s prompt was ‘Crazy,’ and I just had to give it a shot.

It put me in mind of an analogy I saw somewhere online for loosening up the social-distancing restrictions once the ‘curve flattens.’ Not to get political, but I disagree with the logic, and it’s sad that lives will be risked over economic concerns. That said, here’s the story.

Argh, Chute!

The deafening roar of the engines grew too far away to be heard over the awesome power of the air. I raced toward the ground at frightening speed, the skin of my face flapping in the wind. I pulled my chute, and everything shuddered and slowed. My lips relaxed back into position across my mouth, I could breath again. It was beautiful, looking out over the horizon, drifting high above the ground like a dandelion carrying a wish.

Once the parachute slowed me down enough I reached for my knife and cut the ropes. I thought It’d be fine!

I wonder what happened to our dear character there? Nothing good, I can tell you! But the analogy stands up on its own, and I hope I breathed a little creativity into it with a limited number of words. It was fun actually! I’d like to craft a micro story every week.

In other news, I’ve decided to throw out the idea of the ‘word of the day’ posts. There are so many excellent prompt series out there already… WordPress themselves posts a daily prompt, and that’s without all the creative blogger’s challenges that I’ve stumbled across just today!

For me, focusing on posts that help me to express myself creatively is the direct purpose of this site. Sometimes casual posts like this one, other-times works of lengthier fiction for my portfolio, and other-other-times a much needed brain dump encompassing various subject matters!

I posted a review of Crazy House by James Patterson today, and got myself back on Twitter! My flash fiction piece, ‘Morrisey’s Last Symphony,’ over at BeetleyPete’s site is performing really well, which is lovely to see. You can read that here if you like. Everything is coming together slowly, it’s just a matter of chipping away bit by bit until it’s done.

In the meantime I’m gonna keeping having fun, continue writing when the mood strikes, and get involved in this awesome community.

That’s all from me today folks! Signing out 🙂

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