A Week To Remember…

I guess 10:30pm on a Sunday night is as good a time as any to call time on the week? And what a week it’s been!

After months of deliberating and tossing around ideas, I finally got to work and restructured the whole site. Will it work out? I don’t know, but everything’s worth a try, right?

So I’ve vaguely referenced it in various posts throughout the week, but the biggest change I’ve made to the structure here is switching out blog posts for pages.

I’ve always written book reviews, flash fiction, lifestyle posts, random updates, and anything else that pops into this messy mind of mine, as posts. I’ve decided to categorise and post my fiction and book reviews in a ‘parent page, sub page’ structure, to create, over time, what’s known as an SEO Silo. You can check out exactly what I mean in action right here: Free Flash Fiction.

In the above example, the main parent page is ‘Free Fiction Online.’ Beneath that are the sub pages, or content silos: Free Flash Fiction, Bedtime Stories For Children, and Free Short Stories Online. These are all keywords, and beneath these will be a further sub level of pages that are the fiction pieces themselves. As the pieces stack up over time, and are all interlinked within the correct silo, they’ll increase the authority of those keywords and strengthen my domain authority overall, allowing me to rank for search engine listings and all the rest of it.

Sounds great right? What’s the downside? Well, pages aren’t shared in the WordPress reader, so I need to manually alert the wordpress community to the posts I make, and bank it all on click throughs and eventually search engine ranking.

For fiction this isn’t so difficult. I’ll post the fiction itself as a page, and create the complimentary commentary post for the community with an excerpt, thoughts, and all the rest. It keeps the fiction itself clean and shareable!

My main concern is with the book reviews. They could either sink or swim, and I won’t know for a good few months. That said, all I can do for now is try it, build out the ‘silo,’ and convert them all back to posts if they don’t perform great after 6 months or so.

All that said, it’s been a productive week, and all that’s left to do is finish up a few more bits and stick to all the new content I want to create for the site 🙂 write, write, WRITE!

If you want to check out my first book review, have a look at The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce Review!

Until next time!

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