Word Of The Day: Akimbo

Today’s ‘word of the day’ is Akimbo. Here’s what the Oxford Dictionary has to say about it.


adverb /əˈkɪmbəʊ/ /əˈkɪmbəʊ/

with your hands on your hips and your elbows pointing away from your body.

  • She stood looking at him with arms akimbo.

Word Origin: Late Middle English: from in kenebowe in Middle English, probably from Old Norse.

I’ve got to be honest, my only exposure to this word in the past has come from my Call Of Duty days. It’s used to represent duel-wielding pistols within the game, which I guess makes sense. I’ve read on other dictionary entries that the word can relate to the elbows being bent in any fashion.

The word puts me in mind of a phrase my dad often uses when talking about knees bent outward: ‘Abow,’ though I can find no reference of it online. “Standing with your legs abow,” he’d say. Perhaps he’s always meant akimbo and never knew any the wiser!

Now it’s over to you. Use this word in a sentence and post it in the comments, or better yet, fashion a post inspired by today’s prompt. It can be a poem, a photo, a story, or a memory, it really doesn’t matter. Once you’re done, come back and post right here in the comments for other’s to enjoy what you’ve come up with!

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